ANNOUNCEMENTS / September 5, 2023

Spin Digital Succeeds in Reaching 8Kp60 VVC and 8Kp120 HEVC Live Encoding

Berlin, September 5 2023 – Spin Digital announced the launch of a new version of its real-time encoder (Spin Enc Live v2.1),  including performance and quality optimizations that make possible next-generation live media applications and services, such such as 8K at 60 and 120 fps with 10-bit HDR.

Spin Enc Live is a professional HEVC and VVC live software encoder designed for innovative broadcasting and streaming applications that demand the maximum level of quality and compression, with a focus on video formats featuring UHD-4K and 8K,  high dynamic range (HDR), and high frame rates (HFR).

Spin Enc Live v2.1 includes performance optimizations that make possible 8K 60-fps VVC and 8K 120-fps HEVC live encoding using the latest generation of CPU architectures, as well as quality optimizations for better coding of content with camera noise, screen content, and adaptive bitrate applications. More details are provided below.


Performance Optimizations

The live encoder is designed to maximize the performance potential of the latest generation of CPU architectures that include wide SIMD instructions (e.g. AVX-512) and hundreds of CPU cores. At the same time, the encoder maintains a low encoding, about 1 to 3 seconds, even when a large number of CPU cores are used.

As a result of these optimizations, the encoder succeeds in reaching new levels of performance for 8K live encoding, enabling emerging high-end media applications:

  • Live 8K 60-fps VVC broadcasting and streaming: The VVC codec has been designed to significantly improve quality and compression over HEVC. Spin Digital’s VVC encoder enables 8Kp60 content to be live transmitted over bandwidth-limited networks, such as terrestrial broadcasting, or over the Internet in very high visual quality.
  • Live 8K 120-fps HEVC broadcasting and streaming: The HEVC encoder makes it possible to compress in real-time 8K content with HFR (100/120 fps) for live transmission of sports and other events with high-action content.
  • Live 8K 60-fps HEVC contribution: The encoder also allows to encode and transmit the 8K 60-fps signal from the event venue or production studio directly in 4:2:2 10-bit contribution format at high bitrates up to 250 Mbps.
  • Live Extreme VR: 8K 3D and 12K: The HEVC encoder allows the next level of immersive live experiences such as 8K VR in 3D stereoscopic format (2x 60 fps) and 12K panoramic (180/360-degree) video.
  • Live 8K-4K-2K Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming: Spin Enc Live is capable of encoding ladders composed of UHD renditions, for example: 8Kp60, 4Kp60, and 2Kp60, all of them in 10-bit HDR format. These renditions can be encoded in HEVC or VVC, and live packaged in HLS or DASH for delivery to a CDN.
  • Live 8K Content-Aware Encoding (CAE):  the HEVC and VVC encoders include novel perception-oriented rate control algorithms which rely on a novel model of the Human Visual System (HVS) to keep the perceived quality constant without exceeding a maximum bitrate constraint. These algorithms result in up to 40% bitrate savings compared to Constant Bitrate (CBR) encoding.


Quality Optimizations

The new encoder release incorporates additional features, quality optimizations and coding tools:

  • Real-time temporal filtering:  designed to increase the visual quality of content with camera noise. This feature achieves 12% bitrate savings for the same quality and is included in the HEVC and VVC encoders.
  • Screen Content Coding (SCC): VVC includes specific tools for better compression of SCC content, such as remote desktop, gaming, and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Support for SCC has been added and optimized for UHD live operation, and allows to reduce the bitrate by 40% for SCC content.
  • Improved Perceptually Optimized Encoding (POE): Spin Enc Live includes a POE mode which makes encoding decisions based on a model of the HVS in order to improve compression efficiency and perceived quality. The encoder POE mode has been enhanced making it more robust for a wider range of content.
  • Improved streaming over HTTP: The VVC encoder supports ABR streaming using open Group of Pictures (GOP) coding. Compared to closed GOP coding, which is mandatory in current adaptive streaming services, ABR streaming with open GOP results in additional bitrate savings and, overall, better perceived quality.


A Complete Live Broadcasting and Streaming Application

Spin Enc Live includes all the essential features for live applications in broadcasting and streaming:

  • Input capture over SDI and TS-over-IP (TSoIP)
  • Pre-processing filters: scaling, format conversion, etc.
  • VVC and HEVC video encoding
  • AAC and MPEG-H audio encoding
  • HTTP streaming: DASH, HLS
  • TSoIP broadcasting: SRT, RIST, Zixi.


Onsite Demo at IBC 2023

Spin Digital will demonstrate the new live encoder at the IBC 2023 trade-show at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18.

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Availability and More Information

Spin Enc Live v2.1 is now available for licensing. A free demo version or a quote can be requested online.

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