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Large Screen Display

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Applications that require very large screen displays include full-dome projection for planetariums, deep space, and other immersive display solutions for science centers, museums and entertainment centers, outdoor displays for public events, and giant video walls used for digital signage.


A new generation of large screen applications is emerging exploiting new visualization technologies that allow to present larger, brighter, and higher quality images and video.


Next Generation FeaturesVideo SpecsImprovements
Very Large Resolution [px]From current FHD and 4K to 8K, 12K and beyondMore immersive displays
High Frame Rate [Hz]50/60, 100/120, and beyondImprove motion representation
High Bit Depth10- and 12-bitAvoid banding artefacts and improve image quality
High Dynamic RangePQ, HLG and new HDR formatsProper representation of very dark and bright content:e.g. planetarium content
Very High Quality VideoRAW or low compressionNo noticable compression artifacts
Scalable SolutionsConnect multiple media players together
Enable very large displays

Solutions Enabled by Spin Digital Products

Media Servers for Dome and Immersive Projection Systems

  • Ultra-high-performance 8K/16K media players: uncompressed, HEVC, VVC
  • High-quality video render engine
  • Support for versatile screen and playback layouts using multiple GPUs

Large Scale Public Display and Video Walls

  • Very high-resolution decoding and rendering up to 16K on a single PC
  • Rendering to multiple output devices: GPU and SDI
  • Flexible playback configurations with tiled and clone rendering
  • Video projection on flat and curved screens

Encoding and Transcoding Platforms for Large Screen Content

  • High-quality, high-performance offline transcoders: HEVC, VVC
  • Support for tiled and segmented formats
  • Support for professional video formats: 4:2:2, 4:4:4, RGB, up to 12-bit
  • Support for cloud and chunk encoding modes

Virtual Reality and 360° Video


Broadcast and Video-on-Demand


Post-production and Professional Media