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Spin Digital to Present Optimized 8K Encoding and Playback Solutions at IBC 2021

Berlin, November 22, 2021 – Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital), the provider of higher performance video codecs, announced today that it will present an optimized solution for encoding, streaming, and playback of 8K video at IBC 2021. Onsite demonstrations will be presented from December 3rd to 6th at the Spin Digital Booth: Hall 1-B49, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center.

UPDATE NOV 23rd 2021: IBC 2021 HAS BEEN CANCELLED: Unfortunately IBC 2021 has been cancelled (see Official announcement). We are sorry for not being able to meet in person in Amsterdam this December. We hope that we can meet again soon at IBC 2022.

8K HEVC Live Encoding and Streaming

A new version of Spin Digital 8K live encoder, called Spin Enc Live, will be presented at IBC. The new encoder has been optimized for 8K live encoding and streaming at 60 fps, 10-bit, and HDR on the latest generation CPUs. In addition, the encoder has been enhanced with a real-time perceptual-optimized encoding mode for improved subjective quality at low bitrates.

Other new features include flexible SDI input capture, real-time Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) encoding and streaming, support for the ARIB format for 8K broadcasting in Japan, and low-delay reliable streaming over the internet with SRT, RIST, and Zixi protocols.

As a result, the new encoding solution is making 8K HDR live streaming more efficient with higher quality at lower bitrates, more flexible by supporting more input and output formats, and easier to deploy and scale by using standard server platforms.

A preview of Spin Player v3.0: Uncompressed, HEVC and VVC 8K Video Playback

A preview of the upcoming version of Spin Digital Media Player (Spin Player) v3.0 will be presented at IBC. The new media player supports playback of 8K HEVC low-latency live streams, uncompressed video, and 8K VVC files.

  • Spin Player HEVC – Optimized for 8K HEVC live applications: The new media player has been redesigned to address the needs of ultra-high definition (8K and beyond) live streaming applications requiring minimum latency. End-to-end latencies of 1 s to 2 s including delivery over the Internet are possible using Spin Digital’s encoder and player.  More information at Spin Player HEVC website.
  • Spin Player Raw – 8K 120Hz uncompressed playback: Spin Player now supports playback of uncompressed 8K content. An optimized design of file reading and video rendering allows to play uncompressed video up to 8K at 120 fps. For quality analysis of 8K content requiring pristine sources Spin Player Raw offers a cost-effective solution based on standard server CPUs and SSD disks. More information at Spin SDK website.
  • Spin Player VVC – next-gen codec: VVC, also known as H.266, is the next-generation video coding standard designed to reduce the bitrate beyond HEVC for demanding applications including 8K video. Spin Digital has developed a real-time software video decoder and media player compatible with VVC. The highly optimized CPU-based VVC decoder is capable of processing 8K 10-bit HDR videos at 60 Hz and 120 Hz in real-time using latest generation CPUs.  Spin Digital’s VVC decoder also supports the VVC Scalable profile for efficient coding of video with multiple spatial layers. The decoder processes scalable streams in real-time and allows the user to select the desired layer for display. More informaitoin at Spin Player VVC website.

8K Transcoding and Plugin for DaVinci Resolve Studio

In order to facilitate content creators to export their 8K projects in a distributable format, Spin Digital has developed an 8K HEVC transcoder (Spin Enc File) that is also available as a plugin compatible with the DaVinci Resolve Studio post-production software. The transcoder achieves high-speed transcoding from common mezzanine formats to HEVC distribution format without quality compromises.

Live 8K Demos at IBC 2021

At IBC 2021 Spin Digital will be presenting two main demonstrations:  live 8K HEVC encoding and streaming, and VVC playback.

  • 8K HEVC live encoding and streaming: 8Kp60 real-time encoding will be demonstrated with Spin Enc Live running on a server that includes 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8368 Processors (2×38 cores). The compressed content, encoded live in HEVC at 48 Mbit/s, is streamed through a local network to a client PC running Spin Digital HEVC Player. The content properties are: 8K (7680×4320) resolution, 60 fps, 10-bit, HDR with PQ, and wide color Gamut with BT.2020.  The decoded content is played on a Sony 85’’ 8K TV ( ZG9 Full Array LED HDR Smart TV), connected through an HDMI 2.1 interface. The 8K HDR content has been provided courtesy of the 8K Association.
  • 8K VVC playback: 8K VVC encoded content will be played using Spin Digital VVC player from files. The content has been offline encoded using Fraunhofer VVC encoder (VVEnC) at 25 Mbit/s for 8K 60 fops 10-bit HDR single layer. In addition, VVC multi-layer content playback will be showcased.

Contact and Meet us – Booth 1.B49

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