EVENTS / September 27, 2016

Spin Digital participates in the 8K Application Use and HEVC Codec Seminar in Tokyo

Spin Digital is going to participate in the seminar titled “8K Application Use and HEVC Codec” to be held in Tokyo on October 7th 2016.

Tokyo, September 27, 2016 — The seminar is co-organized by the Japanese Medical Imaging Consortium (MIC) and the Japanese company Technology Joint Corporation (TJC). In this seminar the applications and uses of 8K video technology and HEVC video compression for the medical imaging field will be presented.

The seminar will consist of technical presentations from academy and industry representatives, including:

Presentation: HEVC Video Codec for Next Generation Ultra-High Definition Applications

Mr. Alvarez-Mesa, CEO of Spin Digital, will make a presentation titled “HEVC Video Codec for Next Generation Ultra-High Definition Applications” in which he will highlight the implementation challenges of high performance HEVC codecs for emerging applications that require Ultra-High Definition Video.

Demonstration: Spin Digital HEVC 8K Media Player

A demonstration of an 8K media player system using Spin Digital HEVC 8K Media Player will be presented during the event.

8K HEVC playback demo at MIC

About the Event

The seminar will count with the participation of more than 80 people from the medical, electronics, and video industry from Japan. The Medical Imaging Consortium is bringing together specialists from several fields including medical, engineering, manufacturing, and a wide range of stakeholders, to develop together advanced image and video technologies for future medicine applications.

The seminar will take place at the AP Shinagawa Annex Convention Center, in Minato-ku, Tokyo Takanawa 3-chome 23-17 Shinagawa Center Building.

The event is co-organized by the Medical Imaging Consortium and Technology Joint Corporation (TJC), and co-sponsored by Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co. and ELSA Ltd.

More information can be found (in Japanese) at the

  • Medical Imaging Consortium:
  • Technology Joint Corporation: