ANNOUNCEMENTS / August 16, 2022

Spin Digital Releases a New-generation Media Player Optimized for UHD Live Applications

Berlin, August 16, 2022 – Spin Digital today announced Spin Player v3.0, a new generation of its media player. Spin Player v3.0 is a professional media player designed for high-quality and live streaming in UHD-TV broadcasting, internet streaming, and live immersive VR applications.

The main features and benefits of Spin Player v3.0 are:

  • Very high-resolution video playback:  4K, 8K, and 16K
  • Designed for low-latency live streaming
  • Support for HEVC and VVC video codecs
  • Support for uncompressed video playback
  • Support for MPEG-H audio
  • Advanced video rendering with GPU (HDMI) and SDI interfaces


Spin Player v3.0: Next-generation UHD Media Player

Spin Digital has redesigned its professional media player for live streaming applications. Spin Player is a high performance software media player designed for professional video and audio in broadcasting, internet streaming, and immersive VR applications.

The new Spin Player v3.0 is suited for emerging applications that require very high video quality including super high resolution (4K, 8K, 16K), high frame rates (up to 8K 120 fps), HDR and professional color formats (HDR10, HLG, 4:2:2/4:4:4, 10- and 12-bit).

The new player has been engineered for live streaming applications that require low-latency reliable streaming over the internet and offers a wide support of streaming formats including HTTP and contribution protocols such as SRT, RIST, and Zixi.

The media player supports the most advanced video codecs including HEVC and VVC. It also supports uncompressed video playback up to 16K resolution for pristine and unpaired video quality playback and analysis.

Spin Player v3.0 also supports MPEG-H Audio, a Next-Generation Audio (NGA) format providing immersive and personalized audio experiences for broadcast and new media services.

The player can be used with multiple video and audio interfaces including GPUs with HDMI, SDI for audio and video, and ASIO for low-latency and high fidelity professional audio.


Spin Player HEVC, VVC, and Raw

The new media player is being released in three editions depending on the video codec and format: Spin Player HEVC, Spin Player VVC, and Spin Player Raw.



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