ANNOUNCEMENTS / August 10, 2018

Spin Digital Releases New Versions of its HEVC Encoder (v1.8) and SDK (v2.0)

Spin Digital announced today the availability of a new version of its HEVC/H.265 encoder (Spin Enc) and SDK (Spin SDK). With these new versions Spin Digital HEVC encoder and SDK continue to improve with performance optimizations and new features that provide the quality, speed, and scalability needed by highly demanding professional media applications.

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 Encoder (Spin Enc)

Berlin, August 10, 2018 — Spin Enc is a software HEVC encoder that enables ultra-high quality video with the highest compression level. In the new release, the HEVC encoder has been enhanced with tiled formats encoding, better support for the ARIB 8K standard, 360° video coding with further algorithmic optimizations and tools, among others.

The main features of the new version are:

  • Support for tile encoding
  • Improved compression efficiency for 360° and 3D videos
  • Improved compatibility for 8K broadcast format (ARIB STD-B32 version 3.9)
  • Performance improvements in the high precision pre-processing filters (parallelization and SIMD)
  • Update underlying FFmpeg version to FFmpeg 4.0.1

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 SDK (Spin SDK)

Spin SDK simplifies the creation of innovative video solutions that require video decoding, processing, and playback with very high-performance and ultra-high quality. The new version includes many new features and a new component. Overall, higher-performance video decoding, rendering, and video processing can be achieved up to 16K resolution. The main new features are:


  • Added reference applications for each SDK component including decoding, rendering, and filtering applications.
  • Support for efficient pixel formats that reduce memory and PCIe bandwidth and increase performance. The new pixel include bit-packed and BC4 lightweight compression.

HEVC Decoder

  • Improved decoding performance on new CPU architectures with AVX512 SIMD instructions.
  • Integrated video resolution and bit-depth down-scaling with virtually no CPU cost.
  • Improved performance on Intel Xeon Scalable platforms with specific support for NUMA architectures.

Video Render Engine

  • 360° video rendering using CubeMap Projection (CMP).
  • Improved the usability and performance of SDI rendering with a high-performance and automatic format converter.

Video Processing Filter

  • A video processing library has been added to the SDK. It contains high-precision and optimized video processing filters for common conversion operations such as scaling, format conversion, color conversion, etc.
  • The library has been highly optimized for CPU architectures using SIMD instructions and multithreading.