EVENTS / April 3, 2019

Advantech and Spin Digital to Present 8K Live Streaming Solution at NAB 2019

Berlin, April 3, 2019 — Spin Digital will present together with Advantech an end-to-end solution for 8K live streaming at NAB Show 2019. A live demonstration will be presented at Advantech booth (SU10806) from April 8-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Spin Digital and Advantech collaborated in the development of a complete solution for 8K live streaming. The solution consists of a real-time HEVC encoder based on Advantech’s VEGA platform, an HLS and cloud streaming solution based on the new Spin Digital Spin Cloud Live solution, and a media player based on Spin Digital software HEVC player solution Spin Player.

8K Format

8K is not just about more pixels, is a new format including higher resolution, HDR, wide color gamut, and high frame rate designed to deliver a more engaging and immersive media experience. 8K is gaining momentum with the recent launch of 8K TVs and cameras by several electronics manufacturers. 8K live streaming is needed for the wide deployment of 8K in applications such broadcast, IP TV, VR, and large-screen display. Live 8K, however, it is very demanding as it requires real-time encoders, decoders, and streaming solutions that work well together and that provide the high-end quality expected of the new 8K format.

8K Live Streaming Solution

The new 8K live streaming solution developed by Advantech and Spin Digital builds on the Advantech VEGA encoder platform, and Spin Digital software player Spin Player. The VEGA encoder provides a cost-effective and energy efficient real-time HEVC encoder, and Spin Player offers a flexible and high-performance software 8K playback on PC platforms. In addition, an HLS streaming module with support for AWS streaming has been developed. Cloud streaming and CDN support offers the possibility of wide-scale deployments of 8K live events. The cloud streaming system has been jointly developed with NHK Technologies Inc, a subsidiary of NHK Japan, that develops advanced broadcast and IT systems.

End-to-end 8K HEVC live streaming solution by Advantech, NHK Technologies, and Spin Digital

Key Features

End-to-end 8K live streaming system with support for:

  • 12G/3G SDI capture and real-time HEVC encoding using VEGA-3304 encoder
  • HLS streaming with AES encryption
  • Cloud and CDN delivery based on AWS
  • Multi-channel audio encoding and streaming with up to 22.2 channels using AAC codec
  • Software HEVC media playback using Spin Player
  • Web-based user interface

Meeting at NAB

Advantech will be showcasing the new 8K live solution at the Advantech Booth, South Hall (Upper) SU10806, from April 8-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

More information about Advantech at NAB:

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