EVENTS / April 1, 2017

Spin Digital at NAB 2017 – Las Vegas

Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will present an 8K HEVC video solution at NAB 2017. The exhibition will take place from April 24th to 27th at Las Vegas Convention Center – booth SU14212.

Spin Digital to demonstrate an 8K HEVC with 120 fps at NAB 2017

Berlin, April 1, 2017 — Spin Digital is going to demonstrate a media player capable of processing ultra-high quality video up to 8Kp120 using a compact PC-based system. A new 8K monitor with support for 120 fps, kindly provided by Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., will be used to showcase the media player capabilities featuring impressive native 8K content provided by Spin Digital partners.

The media player is part of an end-to-end software solution for encoding and playback of ultra-high quality 8K video developed by Spin Digital. Its main features are:

Ultra-High performance HEVC Decoder: ready for HFR up to 8Kp120

With additional software optimizations, and by using the latest CPUs from Intel, Spin Digital HEVC decoder has been able to achieve up to 8K 120 Hz 10-bit decoding using a software only solution.

High performance and flexible video rendering engine: GPU and SDI output

Spin Digital has developed a custom video rendering engine using the latest graphics APIs (DirectX 12, and Vulkan). The video rendering engine is designed to support all the features of the HEVC decoder, while keeping the maximum possible performance. With a flexible design, it supports systems with multiple GPUs or SDI devices.

Spin Digital HEVC Media Player and SDK: for media professionals and developers

The HEVC decoder and video rendering engine are available as a complete application (media player) and as SDK (C/C++ and DirectShow) for media professionals and developers that want to create innovative and highly demanding video applications.

Spin Digital HEVC Encoder and Video filter library

A new version of Spin Digital HEVC encoder has been released with additional features for high quality and high compression, including a new CBR rate control algorithm. The encoder includes a new library for pre-processing filters allowing high-precision video processing, supporting: transfer function conversion (SDR, HDR PQ, HDR HLG), color space conversion (BT.709, BT.2020), resolution scaling, and chroma formats conversion.

In sharing the news for NAB, Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, CEO of Spin Digital said:

“A new generation of immersive media applications is emerging that requires higher resolutions going up to 8K, and features such as high frame rates, wide color gamut, and HDR, overall resulting in an explosion of video data rates. There is a clear need for tools that use efficient HEVC compression to reduce the file size, that are able to playback the content at the maximum quality, and, at the same time, have all the flexibility of software media players. Spin Digital is combining its expertise in high performance computing and video coding for helping the media professionals and developers to create application for UHD-TV, VR, and other very demanding video applications”.

Contact and Meet us: Booth SU14212 (Guest Pass Code LV7386)

Arrange a meeting with us to learn more about our products, see a demo of our 8K media player, or discuss how Spin Digital can help you with the transition to UHD video with HEVC software video codecs.

  • Mauricio Alvarez Mesa, CEO – mauricio(at) –
  • Contact and sales in Japan: Taketoshi Kariya, Executive Officer – tkariya(at) –



This activity has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688759 ( and No 732717 (