EVENTS / February 4, 2020

Spin Digital to Present 12K Live Immersive Streaming at ISE 2020

Berlin, February 4, 2020 – Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will present a new solution for live encoding and streaming of ultra-high resolution immersive video at ISE 2020. Onsite demonstrations will be presented from February 11 to 14, at the AZLAB booth (14-K110) at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

The main demonstration consists of live encoding of 12K 360° video using a software real-time HEVC encoder, combined with low-latency live streaming, and immersive media playback on a multi-screen immersive display.

Immersive Live Experiences

Immersive live media aims at providing a highly immersive experience of live events, such as concerts, sports, arts, and lectures, by combining ultra-high resolution panoramic video and spatial audio in large screen immersive environments.

Immersive live applications require a complete live processing pipeline, including capture, encoding, streaming, and playback of ultra-high resolution 360° video. Video resolutions for next-generation immersive media go far beyond current formats with  12K and even 16K.

Low-latency Encoding of 12K Panoramic Video

Spin Digital has developed a new software real-time HEVC encoder addressed to the next-generation media applications that demand very high resolution (8K and beyond) with broadcast-grade quality, and very high compression efficiency for live streaming on current networks.

Spin Digital showcased the new encoder at the last InterBEE in November 2019 in Tokyo demonstrating 8Kp60 real-time encoding at just 48 Mbit/s with broadcast-grade quality.

Spin Digital to Present 8K Real-time Encoder at InterBEE 2019 in Collaboration with Intel

For ISE 2020 Spin Digital will showcase real-time encoding of 12Kx6K 360° video at 30 fps. Without requiring partial streaming techniques, the entire panoramic HEVC video will be streamed at 50 Mbps using a low-latency streaming solution based on the RTP protocol.

Live Streaming and Immersive Playback

Spin Digital will present a new version of its media player optimized for low-latency live streaming and immersive and interactive media playback. The player can process very high-resolution panoramic video on a single PC (up to 16K). The new player has been enhanced in order to support interactive 360° video on immersive displays composed of multiple screens or projectors, and real-time geometric adjustments for curved displays. The player also includes an optimized video renderer for smooth playback and highly responsive user interaction for 360° video.

12K Immersive Content

High-resolution 360° content will be presented including content from Spin Digital partners AZLAB (Recent 12K 360° video productions), ARRI (Pandarama panoramic video made with the ARRI Alexa Omnicam camera); and content from the Immersify EU project: Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center -PSNC- (Noise and Structure, music concert recorded in high-resolution panoramic format), and BBC and ScanLab (Ancient Invisible Cities: The Great Pyramid, 12K 360° video rendered from laser scannings).

Live Demo at ISE 2020

The live demo to be presented at ISE includes:

  • Uncompressed content in (11520x5760px at 30 fps), 10-bit, ERP format is read from a SSD disk array.
  • A software HEVC encoder processing 12Kp30 video in real-time, running on a server that includes 4x Intel Xeon Platinum 8176 CPUs (4×28 cores).
  • The HEVC encoded output at 50 Mbit/s is then streamed using RTP through a local network to a client PC running Spin Digital HEVC playback application.
  • The output video is presented on a multi-device setup composed of 2 ultra-wide curved screens with 4K resolution in total. The system supports up to 16 screens or projectors on a single workstation.

Contact and Meet us: AZLAB Booth (14-K110)

Arrange a meeting with us to learn more about our products, see a demo of the HEVC real-time encoder, and discuss how Spin Digital can help you to enable immersive video solutions using software video codecs.

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