EVENTS / June 10, 2019

Spin Digital at the 8K Display Summit in New York

New York, June 10th – Spin Digital will participate at the 8K Display Summit 2019 in New York  with an invited presentation about video codecs for 8K video distribution. The Summit will be held on June 11th at the Millennium Times Square, in New York City.

The event is organized by Insight Media, with sponsorship by Samsung Electronics, to discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting 8K.

Spin Digital’s CEO Dr. Mauricio Alvarez Mesa will make an invited talk titled “Video codecs for 8K distribution: HEVC and beyond”. In this talk Dr. Alvarez-Mesa will discuss some experiences using HEVC for 8K distribution, and present some insight on the capacity, room for improvement, and limitations of HEVC encoders for 8K. He will also discuss how emerging coding technologies, such as VVC, can contribute to make 8K distribution easier.

An important challenge for 8K distribution is how to provide very high compression efficiency while at the same time preserve very high quality. As 8K offers a new high-end media experience compression artifacts are less tolerable than in other formats. The first services that are emerging for 8K distribution rely on the compression capacity of HEVC, as it represents the current state-of-the-art in video coding. Although VVC is in the horizon HEVC encoders still have room for improvement, specially for live 8K distribution. Said Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, summarizing the main points on the talk.

More information and registration to attend the event can be found at the 8K Display Summit 2019 website.