ANNOUNCEMENTS / December 6, 2021

Spin Digital Enhances its HEVC Transcoder

Berlin, December 6, 2021 –  The high-end video codec company, Spin Digital, announced today the release of a new version of Spin Enc File (v2.1), its HEVC/H.265 codec designed for Ultra-HD transcoding applications.

Spin Enc File is an HEVC codec software solution that produces the quality and compression levels required for UHD on-premise and cloud transcoding applications. The transcoder  software relies on Spin Digital’s HEVC codec library that has been extensively optimized to achieve high encoding speed and at the same time high compression efficiency. As a result, mezzanine formats such as ProRes, DNxHR, or Cineform can be converted to HEVC at unprecedented speeds.

The new features of Spin Enc File are summarized below:

  • 8K transcoding plugin for DaVinci Resolve Studio: In order to facilitate content creators to export their 8K projects in a distributable format, Spin Digital has developed an 8K HEVC transcoding plugin compatible with the DaVinci Resolve Studio post-production software. The transcoder achieves high-speed transcoding from common mezzanine formats to HEVC distribution format without quality compromises.
  • Support for the Japanese 8K broadcasting standard: The HEVC encoder supports multiple HEVC formats including single-slice frame encoding and the ARIB STD-B32 standard (4 slices per frame) used for 8K broadcasting in Japan.
  • Enhanced visual quality for BT.2020: Spin Digital has enhanced the HEVC encoding module to improve the perceived quality of videos that use Wide Color Gamut based on the BT.2020 standard, the most widely used color space in 8K with HDR. As a result, more realistic colors with less coding artifacts can be achieved.


Spin Enc File v2.1 is available now for licensing. A demo version or a quote can be requested online:

For more information visit the Spin Enc File webpage.


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