ANNOUNCEMENTS / February 11, 2021

Spin Digital Releases a New Version of its SDK (v3.1)

Berlin, February 11, 2020 — Spin Digital announced today the release of a new version of its Media SDK (Spin SDK v3.1). The new release is addressed towards high-end live media applications including 8K and beyond that require live encoding, streaming and playback.

The Media SDK includes all the necessary components for creating high-end live streaming applications from SDI capture to video encoding, streaming, receiving, decoding and rendering.

Spin SDK is a set of optimized libraries for video and audio encoding, decoding, processing, rendering, I/O and streaming that simplify the creation of innovative and demanding media solutions. Spin SDK also includes the required functionality to easily combine the media modules for creating custom applications. Samples are provided for simplifying the creation of live encoders and live players.

The new and optimized modules and their main features are described next.

I/O Module

Performance optimized raw audio and video I/O library up to 8K video:

  • Capture:
    • 3G and 12G SDI
    • Uncompressed YUV from disk
  • Clock: export clock based on capture device
  • Devices:
    • AJA Kona 5 (12G)
    • AJA Corvid 44 (12G)
    • AJA Corvid 88 (3G)

Live Encoding Module

State-of-the-art software encoder that allows to compress 8K content in real-time at low bitrates making 8K delivery possible and affordable with current networks:

  • Real-time HEVC encoding up to 8Kp60
  • High-efficiency and low-latency encoding modes
  • Configurable HRD buffer
  • Multi-resolution encoding
  • Highly optimized CPU implementation

Decoding Module

High-performance software decoder that is able to process videos in flexible resolutions up to 16K on a single workstation:

  • 4Kp240, 8Kp120, 16Kp60 HEVC decoding
  • Error resilience for non-compliant inputs
  • Efficient pixel formats including BC4 texture compression
  • Highly optimized CPU implementation

Streaming Module

Audio and video muxing, demuxing, and streaming library for point-to-point and multipoint:

  • Real-time protocol: TS over RTP
  • HTTP streaming: HLS
  • File formats: MP4, MKV, TS
  • Clock: export clock for input, external clock for output
  • Network adapters:
    • Dektek: DTA-2160, DTA-2162
    • Network Interface Controller (NIC) devices using regular socket API

Use Cases

Spin SDK facilitates the creation of high-end custom applications that require high-performance encoding, decoding, rendering, processing, SDI capture or streaming. All these components can be easily connected to each other using an optimized media framework which is included in the SDK in order to achieve the maximum possible performance.

Some typical use cases of the SDK include live encoders and live decoders and media players.

Use Case 1: High-end Custom Live Encoder

The core component of this use case is the Spin Digital live encoder which is able to compress videos not only in standard formats including 4K and 8K UHD but also in custom resolutions. The encoder receives the signal from the I/O capture module and sends out the stream either over TSoIP (RTP) or HLS, or simultaneously. Optionally, the input signal can be processed before compression in order to make changes to the resolution, transfer function, or color space, among other available filters.

Use Case 2: Immersive Media Player

The SDK includes a high-performance CPU-based HEVC decoding library which is able to decode videos in flexible resolutions up to 16K on a single machine. This flexibility in supported formats makes the SDK suitable for high-quality media playback in large-screen immersive environments (domes, theaters, venues, video walls) or simply on 8K TVs. The HEVC bitstream coming from the service provider is decoded and rendered to send out the signal via SDI (3G or 12G) or HDMI (2.0 or 2.1). High-precision processing filtering can also be inserted at the output of the decoder for pixel-based operations, such as resolution scaling, tone and gamut mapping, among others.

Platform Support

The new SDK is available for different OS platforms including Windows 8.1 and 10, Red Hat Linux 7 and 8, and Ubuntu 18.04.


Spin SDK v3.1 is available now for licensing. A demo version or a quote can be requested online:

For more information visit the Spin SDK webpage.


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