ANNOUNCEMENTS / December 12, 2019

Spin Digital Releases New Versions of its HEVC Media Player (v2.1) and SDK (v2.2)

Berlin, December 2, 2019 Spin Digital announced today the availability of new versions of its HEVC/H.265 media player (Spin Player v2.1) and SDK (Spin SDK v2.2). With these new versions, Spin Digital keeps improving its media solutions with additional performance optimizations, as well as new features such as support for 12G SDI, 8K 120 fps playback, and HDR-to-SDR conversion with tone mapping.

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 Media Player v2.1

Spin Player is a professional software application that allows smooth playback of HEVC/H.265 videos in very high resolution and high quality using standard PC platforms. The player is based on Spin Digital high-performance HEVC software decoder and high-quality video render engine, which are also available as SDK components for integration into custom applications.

The new features of Spin Player v2.1 are mainly focused on extended support for 8K playback using 12G SDI output interfaces, better HLS streaming capabilities, and additional  performance optimizations.

Video Render Engine


  • Decoupled rendering mode for smoother video playback and better responsiveness for interactive 360° video
  • SDR light level factor to boost the brightness of SDR/SRGB elements in the video when rendering to HDR displays


  • 8Kp60 playback with 12G-SDI interfaces (using AJA Kona 5 card) for professional broadcast applications. Support for both Two-Sample Interleave (2SI) and Square Division (SQD) modes
  • 8Kp120 playback using 2x 8Kp60 in alternate rendering mode with GPU or SDI output interfaces
  • Improved and performance-optimized resolution scaling for SDI rendering

Tone Mapping

  • HDR-to-SDR conversion with tone mapping for HDR preservation on standard displays
  • Configurable max./min. light level for HDR-to-SDR conversion

HLS Streaming

  • Smoother playback of HLS streams by enabling multiple HTTP connections in parallel

Recommended Systems for 8K Playback

As part of this new release, the list of recommended systems for 8K playback using GPUs has been updated:

In addition, a new tech blog on recommended systems for 8K playback using 12 SDI interface has been created:

Recommended Systems for 8K Playback. Part 2: Using 12G SDI

A case study created together with AJA is also available at:

Spin Digital SDK v2.2

Spin SDK includes a set of C/C++ libraries for creating professional video solutions requiring high-performance decoding and rendering up to 16K, and real-time video processing. Spin SDK v2.2 includes new features for 12G SDI rendering and playback, as well as new muxing and demuxing modules, and encoding and decoding in BC4 format.


  • Added libraries for muxing and demuxing with MP4, MPEG2-TS, MKV, and HLS

HEVC Decoder

  • Added frame discard mode for dropping non-reference frames and/or B-frames
  • Option to disable reordering of decoded frames for fast transcoding or fast preview visualization
  • Improved performance for bit planar and bit semi-planar pixel formats

Video Render Engine

  • 8Kp60 playback using 12G SDI
  • 8Kp120 playback using 12G SDI in alternate rendering mode
  • Improved tone mapping for HDR to SDR conversion.
  • Support for BC4 and uncompressed playback over SDI, useful for feeding video to real-time encoders

Video Processing Filter

  • Added support for CPU-based BC4 encoding and decoding


Spin Player v2.1 and Spin SDK v2.2 are available now for licensing. A demo version or a quote can be requested online.

For more information visit the Spin Player and Spin SDK webpages.


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