ANNOUNCEMENTS / April 1, 2020

Spin Digital Releases a New Version of its HEVC/H.265 Encoder (v1.10)

Berlin, April 1, 2020 – Spin Digital announced today the availability of a new version of its HEVC/H.265 encoder (Spin Enc v1.10). This version includes an optimized bit allocation strategy that results in more consistent perceptual quality over time. In addition, the rate control has been enhanced to meet the bitrate constraints for VoD delivery via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Spin Enc is a file-based HEVC software encoder for professional applications requiring very high compression levels at the maximum possible quality. With its full support for the HEVC Range Extension profiles (Main, Main 10, Main 12), 8K standards (ARIB STD-B32), high dynamic range (PQ, HLG), and color spaces (BT.709, DCI-P3, BT.2020), the encoder is the perfect solution for post-production workflows and VoD applications.

The main features of the new Spin Enc version are:

Advanced lookahead analysis

The lookahead stage has been improved with an advanced video complexity prediction method that is used to distribute the bits among the pictures more efficiently for the sake of the perceptual quality.

It has been proven that this feature is particularly advantageous for very challenging content compression-wise, such as noisy camera footage, point cloud from laser scanning rendered to video, and computer-generated content with highly discontinuous textures.

HLS-compliant rate control

The current release of Spin Enc includes an enhanced rate control algorithm designed to meet the bitrate constraints for HTTP-based Internet streaming. These constraints specify limits on the average and peak bitrates of the video stream. More information is available in Apple’s recommended settings for HLS.

Compression efficiency for VoD

Internal analysis performed by Spin Digital shows that the new version of Spin Enc HEVC encoder provides better compression efficiency than well-known open source encoders such as x265 (HEVC) and Intel SVT-AV1 (AV1).

According to the results, Spin Enc v1.10 achieves average bitrate reductions of 26% and 23% compared to x265 v3.2 (preset medium) and SVT-AV1 v0.8.1 (preset 8), respectively, at equal PSNR-based quality, assuming a 4K VoD streaming scenario.


Spin Enc v1.10 is available now for licensing. A demo version or a quote can be requested online.

For more information visit the Spin Enc  webpage.


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