ANNOUNCEMENTS / November 6, 2020

Spin Digital Releases HEVC Software Encoder for 8K Live Video

Berlin, November 6, 2020 – Spin Digital, a provider of high-performance video codecs, announced today the launch of its HEVC/H.265 software real-time encoder designed for 8K live video applications.

The new encoder, called Spin Enc Live, offers the quality, compression efficiency and performance required by the next generation of live Ultra-HD (4K, 8K, and beyond) applications in broadcasting and Internet streaming.

The state-of-the-art software encoder allows to compress 8K content in real-time at low bitrates making 8K delivery possible and affordable with current networks.

Spin Enc Live includes not only an optimized HEVC encoder, but also modules for input capture and output streaming, resulting in a complete solution for live workflows.

State-of-the-art HEVC Encoder

Spin Enc Live is based on Spin Digital’s advanced decision algorithms for fast and high-quality encoding, which are combined with a highly optimized software implementation designed to scale to many CPU cores and fully utilize the latest SIMD media instructions.

As a result, the encoder is able to provide real-time operation at quality and compression levels similar to best-in-class offline encoders (typically used for VoD).

Designed for Live Workflows

The encoder fulfills the requirements for demanding 8Kp60 broadcasting and streaming applications including:

  • Real-time operation mode
  • HRD model compliance
  • Broadcast-level rate control
  • HDR and wide color gamut support
  • Input capture based on SDI
  • Simultaneous output for broadcasting (TSoIP) and Internet streaming (HLS)
  • Audio encoding up to 22.2 channels

In addition, the encoder has been optimized to guarantee minimal latencies in both high-efficiency (long GOP) and low-delay (shot GOP) operation modes.

HEVC real-time encoder

8K Broadcast-grade Quality at 48 Mbit/s

Spin Digital performed objective and subjective analyses in order to validate the quality and compression efficiency of the new encoder. The results show that broadcast-grade 8K HEVC live video is possible over current networks at bitrates as low as 48 Mbit/s.

More detailed information about the encoder and its quality and performance can be found in the IBC whitepaper: HEVC Real-time Software Encoder for 8K Live Video Applications.

Using Spin Digital’s new HEVC real-time encoder 8Kp60 live transmission with broadcast-grade quality is possible at bitrates as low as 48 Mbit/s.

Beyond UHD

Spin Enc Live can also be used for other live applications including 4K with High Frame Rates (HFR) or Immersive Live Experiences with ultra-high resolution 360° video.

Real-time operation can be achieved for video formats such as 4Kp120 or 360° 12Kp30. As more computing resources become available with new generations of CPUs, higher resolutions and frame rates will become possible.

Available Now

The new HEVC real-time encoder is available now for licensing, either as a complete application (Spin Enc Live), or as a module as part of the Spin Digital SDK (Spin SDK), which enables developers to create their own high-performance HEVC encoding solutions.

A demo version or a quote can be requested online:

For more information visit the Spin Enc Live and Spin SDK webpages.


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