EVENTS / May 26, 2016

Spin Digital HEVC 8K Media Player demonstrated at “NHK Open House 2016” in Tokyo

Spin Digital new 8K HEVC media player that supports 8K HEVC video and 22.2 audio is being used for a demonstration at “NHK Open House 2016”. The Open House is taking place at NHK STRL (Science & Technology Research Laboratories) in Tokyo at the end of May.

Tokyo, May 26, 2016 — The demonstration is being performed at the NES (NHK Engineering System) booth “F1”, and consists of 8K video playback together with 22.2 audio. The software is based on Spin Digital Media Player running on a workstation PC, and connected to an 8K TV and a 22.2 audio system.

About the NHK Open House

“NHK Open House” is a yearly event organized by NHK STRL where the latest developments in broadcasting technologies are presented to the industry and general public. This year several demonstrations will be presented with the most recent research and developments on 8K TV (aka Super Hi-Vision).

NES is presenting, during the Open House, an 8K Super Hi-Vision player based on standard computing technologies, that is able to play high quality 8K video at 60 fps, and 22.2 audio. Computer-based 8K media players make 8K easier to use, and allow it to be extended for applications beyond broadcasting.

Spin Digital is proud to be part of the NHK Open House and is committed to deliver high quality and high performance software solutions for 8K video and beyond.

Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH

Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa. CEO.

Berlin, Germany

NHK Engineering System, Inc.

Hiroshi Senoo. Engineering Controller, Advanced R&D Department.

Tokyo, Japan

Technology Joint Corporation – TJC

Taketoshi Kariya. Sales Manager.

Tokyo, Japan