EVENTS / March 26, 2018

Spin Digital at NAB 2018 – Las Vegas

Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will participate at NAB 2018 from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at South Upper Hall, Booth SU13612.

Berlin, March 26, 2018 — Spin Digital is going to present demonstrations of its HEVC software solutions including: 8Kp60 media player on a compact PC, Multi-UHD HEVC Decoder on a single PC, and HEVC Encoder for 360° video.

8K Media Player on a Compact PC

Spin Digital Software Media Player (Spin Player) allows to play 8Kp60 HEVC content using a very compact PC system. The HEVC decoder and video renderer have been highly optimized allowing to playback 8Kp60 content using a 12 core CPU (Intel Core i9-7920X) and a small form factor GPU (AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100). The result is a low-cost and very compact 8Kp60 HEVC player for the new generation of 8K video systems.

Multi-UHD HEVC Decoder on a single PC

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 SDK (Spin SDK) has been optimized for ultra-high performance, making possible to perform real-time HEVC/H.265 decoding for very demanding video applications, including multi-UHD HEVc decoders supporting up to 4x 8Kp60 channels or up to 16x 4Kp60 channels on a single PC. By using Spin SDK it is possible to reduce the hardware cost of multi-viewer solutions, or to increase the number of channels that can be processed with a single PC.

Spin Digital at NAB 2018
Spin Digital booth at NAB 2018

HEVC Encoder for 360° video

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 Software Encoder (Spin Enc) enables ultra-high quality video with the highest compression level. The HEVC encoder has been enhanced for 360° video with new algorithmic optimizations and tools. As a result, Spin Enc is very suitable to encode 360° master files at very high quality ans at a relative low bandwidth (or file size). At NAB Spin Digital will showcase “Devil’s Lungs”, a US/Finish dance VR experience that features 3D stereoscopic, 4kx4k resolution, and spatial sound that has been compressed in HEVC using Spin Enc.

Contact and Meet us: Booth SU13612

Arrange a meeting with us to learn more about our products, see a demo of our HEVC software solutions, or discuss how Spin Digital can help you with the transition to 8K video with HEVC software video codecs.

  • Mauricio Alvarez Mesa, CEO – mauricio(at)
  • Contact and sales in Japan: Taketoshi Kariya, Executive Officer – tkariya(at)


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