EVENTS / November 5, 2019

Spin Digital at InterBEE 2019 with New 8K Media Solutions

Berlin/Tokyo, November 5, 2019 – Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will exhibit at InterBEE 2019 in Tokyo presenting new versions of its software solutions for 8K media. Onsite demonstrations will be presented from November 13 to 15, at Spin Digital Asia Pacific Inc. booth (Hall 3 – Booth 3314), at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo.

Spin Digital will present demonstrations of its latest products including: 8K real-time encoder, 8K media player with 12G SDI, Real-time 8K HDR/WCG Conversion, and 8K+ Immersive Playback.

8Kp60 HEVC Software Real-time Encoder

Spin Digital will present a new real-time HEVC software encoder.  The new encoder has been designed for the next generation of 8K live applications that demand broadcast-grade quality, very high compression efficiency, and advanced rate control and streaming formats.

The encoder is based on a flexible software architecture, it has been extensively optimized for modern CPU architectures, and offers a cost-effective solution for 8K live video streaming using standard server platforms that are easier to deploy and scale.

More information can be found in the official announcement of the new encoder.

8Kp60 and 8Kp120 Playback with 12G SDI Output

Spin Digital Player v2.1 supports 12G SDI output for 8K HEVC video. The SDI video playback is addressed for professionals requiring maximum control of the video processing and display chain. Compared to GPU solutions, 12G SDI offers full support for HDR (PQ and HLG), and compared to 3G SDI solutions, it quires a single SDI board and only 4 12G SDI cables.

Spin Player with 12G SDI output can be used for 8Kp60 playback on 8K TVs (using SDI to HDMI converters) or 8K projectors that accept 4x 12G SDI directly. Additional support has been added for 8Kp120 playback for 8K HFR or 8K 3D (stereoscopic) applications using 8x 12G SDI outputs.

Spin Player with support for 12G SDI
8K playback with 12G SDI output using Spin Player

Real-time 8K HDR/WCG Conversion

Spin Digital Player v2.1 and SDK v2.2 support in-flight conversions between different HDR and WCG formats including: direct and inverse tone mapping (HDR to SDR, SDR to HDR, and HDR to HDR), and gamut conversion (including gamut extension and gamut reduction). These conversions can be performed in real-time for 8K video up to 120 fps.

8K+ Immersive Playback

Spin Digital presents a new version of its media player for high-end 360° video. High-quality 360° video requires resolutions beyond 8K to offer a real immersive experience. The player can process very high resolution panoramic video (up to 16Kx8K at 60 Hz) on a single workstation. In addition, the Spin Digital Video Rendering Engine has been redesigned in order to offer smoother playback and more responsive user interaction, and to support external controllers such as the Xbox for easy interaction on 360° video.

Pandarama content from ARRI
Pandarama content from ARRI

8K+ content

8K content from Spin Digital partners will be used for demonstrations including: Karkonosze Mountains and Follow Car from Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), Island in the Sky II from Martin Heck (Time Storm Films), Singing Sand 2.0 from Tadej Droljc, several 8K clips from AZLAB, and several 8K pieces (Berlin, Haru, Fuji, and Kusatsu Day) from NHK technologies.

High resolution 360° content has been provided by PSNC (Noise and Structure), ARRI (Pandarama), and BBC and ScanLab (Ancient Invisible Cities: The Great Pyramid).


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