EVENTS / May 3, 2019

Immersify at Festival de Cannes – Cannes XR

Linz, Berlin, Paris, Poznan, May 2, 2019 — From May 14th to 20th, Spin Digital together with the rest of Immersify project partners will be present at Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, at the newly launched Cannes XR, a program fully dedicated to immersive technologies and entertainment. The Immersify project consortium will show two demonstrations: Immersive Display (May 14th -19th), 8K Content Selection (May 16th, 18th, 20th). Additionally, Immersify will hold a special session at Cannes XR Hub (May 15th) with presentations about 8K content production, immersive spaces, and point-cloud technology.

Cannes XR will bring together artists, producers, investors, programmers, and tech leaders, offering a multitude of networking, financing and distribution opportunities. Dedicated to the XR entertainment industry, Cannes XR aims to be a community-based marketplace oriented towards B2B networking, and to serve as a structuring point for the XR ecosystem on an international scale.

In this year, the Immersify project consortium will showcase its advances in immersive content production, compression, and display with the following demonstrations and presentations:

  • Immersive display (demo): Booth 14.02 at Cannes XR, from May 14th to 19th
  • 8K content selection (demo): Palais J on May 16th at 18:00, 18th at 12:00, 20th at 16:00
  • Challenges for immersive content production in 8K and beyond (presentations): Cannes XR Hub on May 15th at 13:30
  • Immersify on the Onirix rotatory chairs (content provider): Cannes XR Hub

Immersive Display

An innovative concept of immersive viewing environment will be presented at the Cannes XR marketplace, booth 14.02. With a total resolution of 11520×3440 pixels, this environment consists of a three-meter-width curved display covering a field of view of up to 180 degrees and a 5.1-channel audio system. The combination of high-resolution video, ultra-wide field of view, and surround sound results in a fascinating viewing experience never seen before.

Immersive display demo
Immersive display: Screenings of immersive content on a huge curved screen layout with a total resolution of 11520×3440 pixels

A selection of 12K 360° content will be shown on this immersive display, more specifically:

  • The Great Pyramid in 3D, From the BBC Series Ancient Invisible Cities (BBC Studios, ScanLAB Projects)
  • From the Inside – A different view of the Cathedral in Poznan (PSNC – Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)
  • Pandarama (ARRI)

The first two clips are productions using point-cloud-based 3D scanning and rendering technologies whereas the last clip is a 360-degree footage with the ARRI Omnicam panorama camera system.

The playback system that will be used in this demonstration is based on the Spin Digital’s professional media player (Spin Player), which has been enhanced in the context of Immersify to allow for real-time playback of up to 16K videos.

8K Content Selection

With a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels and a wide gamut of colors and contrasts, the emerging 8K media format is capable of providing a more engaging and immersive experience. Several short video pieces in 8K demonstrating the potential of this format for Cinema and TV will be projected in Palais J in three sessions:  May 16th at 18:00, 18th at 12:00, and 20th at 16:00.

8K content selection demo
8K content selection: Screenings of video clips in 8K format

The 8K clips feature native 8K camera footage provided by different parties including: PSNC –  Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, NHK Technologies, TV Globo, and NASA & ESA Space Agencies. Singing Sand 2.0, a computer-generated audiovisual experience by Tadej Droljc, will be projected as well.

This demonstration will be made possible by the 8K projector from Digital Projection and the media player from Spin Digital.

Immersify – Challenges for Immersive Content Production in 8K and Beyond

A special session in the Cannes XR Hub on May 15th at 14:00 will be dedicated to the Immersify Project. In this session the project partners will share their experiences and challenges when producing ultra-high-resolution content (8K and beyond) for high-end immersive applications. The session will consist of the following presentations:

Immersify, cutting edge tools for the next generation of immersive media

  • Presenter: Maciej Glowiak, PSNC
  • Duration: 5 min
  • Description: A brief introduction to Immersify project

Workflow and production of immersive video content in UHD

  • Presenter: Eryk Skotarczak, PSNC
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Description: Presenting the workflow from recording, through post-production up to display for ultra-high definition content in 2D and 3D, as well as 360°

Co-Immersive Spaces: Immersive media in large-scale VR installations

  • Presenter: Roland Haring, AEF
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Description: Best practice presentation about VR installations for up to 100 concurrent, co-located users. Focus on challenges for content design, user interaction and media production workflows.

Laser scanning and point cloud rendering in 8K and beyond

  • Presenter: Eryk Skotarczak, PSNC
  • Duration: 10 min
  • Description: Presentation about workflow behind 3D scanning and rendering highly immersive content from point cloud.

Guest presentation

  • Presenter: Ravi Velhal. Intel
  • Duration: 10 min
  • Description: [tbd]

Immersify on the Onirix VR Rotatory Chair

Immersify will also be present at the Cannes XR Hub with showcase of Pandarama (ARRI) and From the Inside – A different view of the Cathedral in Poznan (PSNC) on the Onirix VR rotatory chairs.


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