EVENTS / February 1, 2017

Spin Digital at Avant Première – Berlin

Spin Digital will be part of the Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin that will take place in Berlin from Feb 11th to 15th 2017.

Berlin, February 1, 2017 — Spin Digital CEO Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa will give a talk on Wed. Feb. 15th at the Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz at 14:00h. The talk is titled Next Generation Immersive Media: 4K, 8K, and Beyond and it will present the latest technology developments in ultra-high-quality digital video and their impact in the content industry.

Recent technology advances include very high resolution video (4K, 8K, and higher) as well as techniques for improving the visual quality such as high dynamic range, wide color, and more images per second (also known as high frame rates). The new technologies are creating a more immersive user experience, allowing new applications such as Ultra-High Definition TV (UHDTV) and Virtual Reality & 360 video.

One of the main difficulties for the production and delivery of content using the emerging immersive formats is the huge files (very high data rates) that are generated, which are beyond the capacity of the current internet and computing devices. Mr. Alvarez-Mesa will present the tools that Spin Digital has developed that allow content creators and producers to compress the content to a size that is manageable with current technology, while at the same time keeping the quality at the level required by the emerging immersive applications.

About Avant Première Berlin

Avant Première is the largest international trade fair for cultural TV production and presents latest performing arts films for worldwide broadcasting.

Avant Première is hosted by IMZ International Music + Media Centre, a global networking platform of leading international production companies, public TV stations, broadcasting and distribution institutions, opera houses, cultural and educational institutions, festivals and music labels. It is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of music and dance in the audiovisual media.

In the 2017 edition, there will be special sections devoted to 8K productions and VR media. More information can be found in the official program at:

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