ANNOUNCEMENTS / September 23, 2020

Spin Digital Releases a New Version of its SDK (v3.0) and Media Player (v2.2)

Berlin, September 23, 2020 — Spin Digital announced today the availability of a new version of its SDK (Spin SDK v3.0) and Media Player (Spin Player v2.2). With the new SDK Spin Digital is extending the target use cases with the addition of new modules, including 8K live HEVC encoding, professional audio render engine, and video renderer for highly immersive video. The new media player includes enhancements in interactive 360° playback and support for curved screen surfaces.

Spin SDK includes a set of optimized video and audio encoding, decoding, processing, and rendering libraries aimed at simplifying the creation of innovative and demanding media solutions. The SDK is tailored to high-end applications in broadcasting, immersive media, and large screen visualization, including real-time 8K encoding, streaming, and playback.

The main features of the new Spin SDK version are:

Real-time Encoder Module

High-quality low-bitrate real-time 4K and 8K HEVC encoding:

  • Support for Main, Main 10, and Range Extensions (4:2:2, 4:4:4) profiles
  • Compression/quality comparable to offline encoders (e.g., x265 slow preset)
  • Broadcast-grade quality of 8K video at 48 Mbps

Designed for live applications:

  • Support for high-end live applications: 4Kp120, 6Kp60, 12Kp30 using a CPU-based solution
  • Real-time operation mode
  • Rate control: broadcast-level CBR, constrained VBR, HRD conformance

Low-latency operation:

  • 2000-ms encoding latency in high-compression mode (long GOP)
  • 250-ms encoding latency in low-delay mode (short GOP)

Audio Rendering Module

Professional audio render engine:

  • Low-latency operation
  • Output devices: WASPI, 3G and 16G SDI (AJA)
  • Multi-device support: capacity to connect many audio devices to a single workstation

Other New  Features and Platform Support

The video rendering library (SpinRen) included in Spin SDK and Spin Player has also been enhanced with new features for immersive video. In particular, the renderer now supports both equirectangular and cubemap 360° video formats, which can be converted to either rectilinear projection, for planar surfaces, or cylindrical projection, for curved surfaces. The renderer also provides highly responsive 360° video interaction on multiple output displays.

New methods for deploying the licenses of the SDK and the products based on it have been added. Overall the SDK can be activated using: USB dongles, standalone file license, and leased license.

The new SDK is available for different OS platforms including Windows 8.1 and 10, Red Hat Linux 7 and 8, and Ubuntu 18.04.


Spin SDK v3.0 and Spin Player v2.2 are available now for licensing. A demo version or a quote can be requested online:
For more information visit the Spin SDK and Spin Player webpages.


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